About Angela Patchett

Angela Angel sat on her new chair, she swung her legs. What a super present from her Nana in New Zealand. Nana was on the boat going home now and she missed her, but she still had her chair, and what a chair it was - its four legs splayed out with very, very large feet that looked like paws and all the wood had smooth round edges. The seat was round and chunky and although a little bit big, it allowed room for growth. She hated it when Mum said her new clothes allowed room for growth because it usually meant they would last a very long time - BORING.

But this chair was anything but boring. She wriggled her bottom, "I do love you," she said as her chubby hands stroked the wood. "You're so strong and just right for me."

"That's because I'm YOUR chair, specially made for you and no-one else."

Angela Angel jumped off the chair in utter amazement, "You can speak."

"Yes, of course I can and that's not all I can do, because I'm magic," the chair chuckled. "Do you want to know a story?"

"Ooh yes please," she said eagerly, "I love bedtime stories and then I fall asleep and dream and dream."

"Are you sitting comfortably?" the chair asked. "Then I will begin."

The chair had no arms and a very comfortable back just right to snuggle into.

"Yes I'm ready, go on."

"When I first arrived here I was sitting quietly in the corner of the dining room, minding my own business. I could hear the seagulls outside and the sea gently lapping and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I had heard your mum say that the guesthouse was nearly fully booked because the summer holidays were about to begin, so I thought I had better make the most of it. Just then a man came in, a guest I suppose, and well, he tried to sit in your chair. His bottom was so big; I could see it would be quite impossible."

"What a silly man," Angela Angel giggled. "Why didn't he find a chair his size?"

"That was just what I thought, so I decided to have some fun."

"Tell me, tell me, what did you do?" Angela Angel asked eagerly.

"I roared."

"I didn't know you could do that."

"Oh yes, I roared and roared, but he was insistent. I think he must have been deaf as well as pushing his luck."

"You didn't let him sit in my chair did you?"

"You must be joking, no-one sits in me, except you."

Angela Angel stroked the chair leg with her toes feeling very special. "So what did you do?"

"There's this magic pin that I keep hidden in my seat for emergencies and this was an emergency."

She laughed. "You didn't, did you?"

"Of course I did. 'Ouch, ouch, oow,' the man shouted as he shot into the air rubbing his bottom, and then deflated with a noise like a balloon when the air came rushing out. He won't try that again," the chair said proudly.

Angela Angel chuckled and chuckled with glee, wriggling her toes and swinging her legs with delight.

"Show me, show me the magic pin," she begged sliding off the chair. "Where is it?"

"You won't ever see it, because I only use it to stop anyone else sitting in me. It is your chair and only for you."

Angela Angel felt very happy; she curled her legs up onto the chair seat, yawned once, twice and fell asleep in her own special chair, dreaming happily.