Angel - Chapter 1

Jessica, the silver grey cat, strode through the open doorway into the garden. She pushed her way through the tall grasses and weeds. Wherever am I, she thought.

Dad and Little Angel looked through the open doorway into the garden.

"What a mess," Dad said. Then he looked round the kitchen full of packing cases waiting to be emptied. "Moving house is exhausting."

Little Angel ran up to her bedroom, the bed and empty wardrobe stared back at her.

"I wish we were back at our old house," she sighed.

Sophie Star who lived next door had spent all the morning watching the removal van being unloaded and was so excited when she saw a little girl going inside. "I wonder if I knock on my bedroom wall will anyone hear me?" she asked herself.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap TAP.

What's that? Little Angel thought.

Tap, tap, tap, BANG, BANG.

The noise was coming from her bedroom wall.

BANG, BANG. "Are you there?" a voice shouted.

"Y-y-yes," Little Angel stuttered in reply to the wall. "Who are you?"

"I'm Sophie Star and I live next door. I saw you arrive in the removal van. Can I come to play? I can't wait."

Little Angel felt happier, a lot, lot happier.

"Ooh yes please," she replied politely.

"But how do I get in?" Sophie Star asked.

"I'll go and get Daddy," Little Angel replied running down the stairs two at a time.

"D-D-Dad, there's a little girl and she's called Sophie Star. She lives next door and she wants to come to play... right now!"

Dad looked at her in astonishment. "How do you know?"

"Because she banged on the wall and I heard her. Quick come and hear."

"In a minute."

"No Dad, come now, otherwise she might have gone."

"Oh alright," he grumbled.

Little Angel ran up the stairs, followed by Dad. She banged on the wall. "Are you there?"

"Yes, can I come to play now?"

Dad was most surprised.

"Can she come, can she come Dad? Oh please. I'm bored."

Dad thought for a moment then said, "We will both come round to your house."

"We're coming, we're coming," Little Angel cried joyfully.

It was only a few minutes before Dad rang the doorbell.

Sophie Star stood next to her Mum as she opened the door.

"Hello we're your new neighbours; we've just moved in," Dad introduced himself.

"It's really great to meet you," said Mum. "When Sophie Star saw the large removal van arrive she became very excited. You see we haven't had any neighbours for ages. Then when she saw your little girl she wanted to come round to meet her straight away. She just kept staring out of the window trying to get her attention."

"She banged on my bedroom wall," Little Angel said excitedly. "And I heard her and now we're here!"

Sophie Star looked at Little Angel and Little Angel looked at Sophie Star.

"Are you going to live here forever?" Sophie Star asked. "You're not going away again are you?"

"I jolly well hope not," Dad laughed. "The house is full of packing cases and it will take me days to empty them and I certainly don't want to move again."

Sophie Star felt very pleased.

"Come and see my bedroom," she said, taking Little Angel's hand and pulling her towards the stairs.

"I love your hair, I wish I had beads in mine."

Sophie Star swung her hair with pleasure and they ran up the stairs together.

Mum turned to Little Angel's Dad. "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"Oh yes, that would be great, I haven't had a break since we arrived, but please call me Ian."

"And I'm Ella. Sophie Star will be so pleased to have a friend next door. She hasn't any brothers or sisters and it can be quite lonely living here with just me."

"Oh, are you on your own?" Dad asked.

"Yes, my husband died a few years ago," Mum responded looking very sad.

"I know what it feels like," Dad replied. "My wife died when Little Angel was very young so I've brought her up on my own. We have always lived in Yorkshire but I have changed jobs so I can work from home, that's why we've moved."

"Sophie Star is glad," Mum laughed. "She's been glued to that window ever since the removal van arrived. Then when she saw Little Angel she couldn't sit still. She banged on her bedroom wall and when Little Angel heard she couldn't wait to meet her and she was even more excited. Their bedrooms must be next to each other," Mum said. "That's lucky."